How do you save 15% of your Tractor fuel?

If you are farmers you will aware how much important in fuel saving. To save the fuel we need to follow few tips and tricks to get maximum out by minimum input.

1. Tire Pressure Maintenance- Save upto 15% on Fuel
2.Plan Your Field Run
3. Select Matchable Implements with Tractor HP
4. Correct Gear in Driving
5. Dirt – Clean Air Filter

1. Tire Pressure Maintenance- Save upto 15% on Fuel

-Pressure of the tier need to adjust as per Axle Load.
 -If the tractor is running on the field it should maintain Low Pressure, so tractive power demand, Soil Compaction and track depth reduce.
-If the Tractor running on the Road, then maintaining high pressure will avoid rolling resistance and will improve the rotating speed.
-Under flatted Tire can cause sidewall to become more prone to cracking and Over Flatted tier tent to ride at the center which lead to thread out. So regular inspection is must.

Plan the field running Layout which lead to lesser running, backward and awkward turn. Choose the match able Plough which is match able to Hours power of tractor, if its small then its leads to underutilization of Tractor power and more running time.
First Opening Plough should be straight and parallel. Avoid re ploughing the land and side land and head land should plough around the field

3. Select Matchable Implements with Tractor HP

Implements Size should match with Tractor Engine Full Hours Power at highest gear possible which tractor doesn’t smoke. If you implements is small, tractor will be on throttle even in the top Gear.
Match able implements will avoid the Fuel Wastage and under size implements can consume 30% and more fuel operating at low speed.
Note: Consult an Expert before choosing Implements.

when your tractor Struggle Pulling the Load with the Throttle at maximum shift gear to Lower. When its accelerates should shift to higher. Choosing wrong gear position lead to 30 % fuel waste and 50% lower the output.
Note: Smoke from Tractor indicate Overloading. White smoke indicate unclean diesel

Air Filtration is very must for engine performance as tractors works always on the dusty field. As per the research unfiltered air creates the wears in cylinder bores 45 time faster and piston rings 115 time faster than Normal. Use Quality Fuel Filters and replace them as per recommend.
Note: Both fuel and Air filter should replace simultaneously and Air filter should be clean by regularly.

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