How to choose Company to buy a Tractor?

While reading this headline so many people think why to bother, same tractor brand only supplying from so many distributors. Why we need think about company? Any way we are getting tractor from the mother company brand.

Here is the major game running in the market. Anyone can get tractor from one country and export to other country.  But twist is export tractor should match the designated company land structure and geographical condition. So, check this factor to before buying tractor.

Before choosing the company as farmer or Trader should understand, they are going consider Tractor purchase as a Investment or a Expense. Because if the person things as Expense he/she will look for cheap price. But smart people always think Tractor purchase as a Investment. So, they will look for Best Tractor from the market.  Here is where the mindset of successful farmer or Trader life starts.

Once we get clear about our Investment then we need to check different company and their credibility in their market.

1.How many years old the company? If the company is surviving for more then decade that are the company very strong in their market and product.

2.How many products they are manufacturing? They can provide you the Best implements with best finishing to get maximum yield and transport cast also will come down if you are buying together

3.Do they have expert team to guide? As a farmer know how to do farming in the field but when come to choose implements and tractor combination, only experts from industry can guide then to select related range.

4.Do they provide spare parts? If the company have more experience in the market, they know which parts mandatory for farmers to keep stock. They will give free spare parts for minimum 10year

5.Do they have Online Availability? Every company are having website now a days. But only varies by how friendly their team to reply to their customers.

6.At last but not least, Check their Tractor Version? Its Export Version or Local Made? If there are providing Export Version check their Certificate of Test and Trailers before shipping. How They are testing? Do they have Assembly section and availability? How their tractors parts are getting assembled as to convert to Export Version?

Dear Framers, as the demand is high, producer should grow. Framers products are always high demand but why farmers are poor??? We should make situation to change.

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