Is Turbo Charged Tractor is Good for the Small Scale Farmers?

Turbo Charged mean Breathing ability of the Engine increased, which will lead to Better Compression. As the Compression increases the Temperature of the Air, which leads to burnt instantly as soon as the fuel injected.
Fuel Mixer Radio is decide the Powder of the Output. The Richer the Fuel Mixer the better the Output.
Same time if the mixer radio of fuel and air exceed certain range the efficiency of the engine will come down.
Turbo Charger in simple Term, Its combination of Turbine and Compressor running on the same shaft.
Turbine takes energy from exhaust gas via exhaust Pipe and transit this energy to compressor, which compress the intake Air, which leads to better output.

1. Power of the Engine Increased by same size Engine
2. Less Fuel Consumption compare to Non-Turbo Tractors for the same operation.
3. Good Performance at High Load
4. Simple Design and N Exhaust Grouping
5.Low Load and Low speed is more efficient

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