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Agriculture is one of the essential sectors in Saudi Arabia, with a rich history in crop cultivation and livestock breeding. With a vast territory and diverse farming conditions, the need for advanced machinery is crucial for farmers to optimize their yield and efficiency. Massey Ferguson tractors are renowned for their reliability, performance, and versatility, making them a top choice for farmers in Saudi Arabia. As Massey Ferguson tractor exporters to Saudi Arabia, we’re here to help you achieve your agricultural goals with the best equipment available in the market.

Why Choose Massey Ferguson Tractors:

Massey Ferguson tractors are designed with advanced features to help farmers optimize their agricultural practices. With robust engines, efficient transmissions, and adaptable hydraulic systems, Massey Ferguson tractors are built to perform under the toughest conditions. They’re also easy to operate and maintain, which saves time and costs for farmers. The brand also offers a comprehensive after-sales service, including spare parts availability and technical support, which guarantees maximum uptime for the tractors

Our Massey Ferguson Tractors:

MASSEY FERGUSON TRACTOR SUPPLY RANGE: (45 – 130HP, 2wd & 4wd): MF 6000 Series, MF 4000 Series, MF 425, MF 435, MF 440, MF 455, MF 460, MF 470, MF 480, MF 390, MF 375, MF 290, MF 385, MF 360, MF 260, MF 240
AGRI TRACTORS SUPPLY RANGE: (50 – 90 HP, 2wd & 4wd) AGRI 290-s, AGRI 390-s, AGRI 375-s, AGRI 360-s, AGRI 350-s, AGRI 260-s, AGRI 240-s
AGRIPAK’s AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS: Disc Plough, Disc Harrow, Chiesels, Ditchers, Ridgers, Farm Trailers, Dozer Blades, Tractor Loaders, Fertilizer Spreaders, Laser Levelers, Rear Leveling Blades, Boom Sprayers, Power Sprayers, Knapsack Sprayers, Orchid Sprayers, Blowers And Mist Sprayers. Maize Shellers, MB Ploughs, Post Hole Diggers, Potato Digger, Potato Planter, Ground Nut Digger, Seed Drills, Pneumatic Multicrop Planters, Cotton Planters, Wheat And Rice Reapers, Tine Cultivators, Tine Tillers, Rice Threshers, Rice Planters, Ground Nut Threshers, Multi Crop Thresher, Rice Huller Polisher, Soyabean Thresher, Sun Flower Thresher, Wheat Straw Chopper, Rotary Tillers, Rotavators, Road Sweepers, Back Hoe, Water Boozers, Water Tanks, Slashers, Lawn Mowers, Harvesters And Many More.
For Agriculture So That It Can Help These Farmers In Growing Crops Such As Ground Nuts, Maize , Cashew , Rice , Wheat, Vegetables, Yam, Rubber Etc To Grow Efficiently Effecting And Increasing Alternatively The Demand Of African Crops Thus Raising The Economy Of The Country. Although It Has Been A Long Thought And An Approach Of Agripak Group To The Farmers Of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, We Are Happy To Reach To You As Soon As Possible Because As We Believe That One Who strives and Runs The Land to grow Crops Generate The Country More Wealth By Health.

Massey Ferguson
MF 200 Series
MF 300 Series
MF 400 Series

Brand New Massey Ferguson Tractor for Sale in Saudi Arabia

Brand New MF240(2WD,50HP) Turbo charged for sale
Brand New MF260(2WD,60HP) Turbo charged for sale
Brand New MF360(2WD,60HP) Turbo charged for sale
Brand New MF375(2WD,75HP) for sale
Brand New MF375(4WD,75HP) for sale
Brand New MF385(2WD,85HP) for sale

AGRIPAK Agriculture Machinery

Disc Plough
Disc Harrow
Pneumatic Planter
Maize Sheller
Disc Ridger

OEM Spare Parts for Different Brands of Tractors

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