World Class Disc Ridgers Are Now Available at AgriPak Group

Dedicated to fulfilling the needs of farmers in agricultural countries, Agri Pak Group is proud to present its line of top quality disc ridgers. This farming machinery is meant to help you gain access to soil that is excellent for cultivation purposes. With these, you can clear out any patches of land and do away with anything that comes in your way of cultivation!

Get A Top Level Disc Ridger At The Best Price

The ridgers manufactured and supplied by the team at AgriPak are basically implements that cut and turn the soil in opposite directions. Their movement is meant to form ridges or irrigation banks that are about 600 mm tall. These also assist with activities related to earthing. If these are the sorts of activities that you need help with, then get in touch with us right away.

With years of experience and utmost dedication, we assure you of the resilience and durability of our products. To deliver the best experience, we offer excellent pre- and post- sale customer service and guarantee to deliver our high-end products to destinations across the world.

What makes our ridgers stand out amongst those manufactured and supplied by other companies of agricultural equipment and machinery is the fact that ours are very adequately priced. As a farmer-friendly business, we assure you of the affordability of our products. Apart from that, we also put our product range through an extensive quality test to ensure the delivery of a world class farming equipment to our esteemed clients.

Contact Us for Top Quality Disc Ridgers

If you are interested in purchasing resilient, durable and tested ridgers at the best price, then get in touch with our team right now. Drop us an email at or fill in our online contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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